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Christian & Chrystal F

I am sitting, listening within, and breathing consciously. I am preparing for our moment of “offering” on this home, that so viscerally feels like our true home. I want to proceed from sufficiency, “enoughness”, having, deserving, allowing, “Yes”, laughter, sharing the boundless energy of Divine Love, and resting in gratitude.

I am bringing to this transaction my integrity, awareness, conscious collaborative spirit, and win/win intention and attitude. May we all be blessed in this relationship and come out with what we truly need and what is meant to be received and given. I am letting go of fear, of losing, of not being seen and chosen, of having to fight for what is rightfully ours. I am opening to the truth of this moment and the natural gift of “following my bliss”. I surrender attachment to what is “mot meant to be”, and I open fully to my destiny. I am bringing gratitude, acceptance, and acknowledgment of the beauty and grace of being led here and given this moment to say “Yes”, to risk having it all, to claim my inheritance.

All our friends will be blessed by our choice and are blessing our Being here. We will continue to open our hearts and our home to our loved ones, and the tribe of heartful Beings that are brought to us by Life.

Let my voice be the instrument of my heart’s wisdom and let intimacy and true meeting flower.

I trust in our love, our path, our choice, our rhythm, our resourcefulness, our abundance, our being in the right place at the right time. I trust in the process and I am open to learning and growing.

I am home in Love
I am home Being “just here”
I am bringing home here to this home
I am creating home for all that enter
We are home in our relationship

May we all remember that Love provides what we need and guides us on our journey Home