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Tips for Moving With Kids

When to Tell: The best time to tell children you’re moving is when they are well rested and the whole family can be together. Be sure to explain why you are moving, what the new area will be like and how they can help.

Keep a Positive Attitude:
The more positive your attitude is toward the move, the better your news will be received. Ask your children about their feelings and LISTEN carefully to both negative and positive thoughts.

Eliminate the Unknown: Remember to take your kids to visit your new home. This will eliminate the unknown and they may be less apprehensive about moving day.

Different Age Group Reactions:
Infants are probably the easiest to move. Try to maintain their general routine so their schedules are not upset.

Pre-schoolers will find the move troubling when they find their family routine and surroundings become unfamiliar. Try to establish a normal schedule soon after the move to make the adjustment easier.

Grade school children and teenagers will worry most about leaving their friends. Encourage them to get involved in after school activities or sports programs to help them reestablish friendships. Be sure to show children around their new school. Visit the campus, library, gym and their new classroom. Take practice run of their route to familiarize them with changes.

  • Discuss new rules in new surroundings
  • Keep in contact with friends through address exchange, photos, calls and visits.
  • Let your kids know they are welcome to have friends over.
  • Ask your kids about their feelings concerning their new home and school. Make time to listen and help solve and problems.
  • Shortly after the move, plan some family outings and have a fun day exploring your new community.
  • Most importantly… “Keep a smile in heart.”